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Tonkin+Taylor. Working with Creative Director Graham Fordyce

Datacom. Working with Creative Director Graham Fordyce

TradeLink. Working with Creative Director Graham Fordyce

Singapore Airlines. Working with Creative Director Graham Fordyce

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Creative & Design  |  Video Production  |  Podcasting

Video Production

With so many employees across some of NZ’s best known, most loved retail, private label and foodservice brands, Foodstuffs is big. Yet, it‘s almost invisible in the lives of its people – employees (and shoppers).

Foodstuffs people (and ultimately this will include shoppers, for a loyal shopper has more in common with a committed employee than that employee has with a colleague who is not committed) have in common – they’re Foodies.

Delta is an infrastructure company that needed to attract international talent to make up a shortfall in New Zealand. 

And what is the best card Delta could play in attracting talent from overseas? The fact that Delta is based in the spectacular South Island of New Zealand.

"Make it the same, only different" is a phrase that's uttered by producers in the movie business to writers pitching their ideas. In other words, plug into a human universal but give it a fresh twist. Here is an example of this.

Part of the SwitchUp campaign to get young people (who may not have a career in mind) into work and a pathway to a career.

Heineken people are not employees, they're Pioneers.

When they Go Places, Pioneers live a legacy. This is a tribute to them, and a promise to future pioneers across Asia.

Transport has never been more in the spotlight than right now as the Government plans to invest over $40b in transport infrastructure and services over the next 10 years. To meet this challenge in October, the Ministry of Transport repositioned itself, becoming more evidence based, proactive and future-focused. (Link)

Are you strong enough to care? (Link) While being a Caregiver is incredibly satisfying to some, it isn’t suited to everyone. Here you’ll get an insight into the challenges and rewards of the role and the qualities we’re looking for in applicants.

LookSee Build is the next project for the team. This time they are running the programme for the construction industry. More at

Part of a series of videos promoting Wellington as a great place to work and live. #lookSee

We're looking for the best tech talent in the world to come on the career trip of a life-time. Wellington's tech industry is flying along and we need more people. So we're bringing 100 of the best people we can find to fill 100 great tech jobs right here in Wellington.

AMP change your future. Multi video campaign using YouTube "Buttons" to navigate mumtple video stories.

Animated video highlighting what Fiserv have to offer potential candidates.

Part of a series of videos created for Beca, shot in Singapore.

Corporate profile video for Tonkin Taylor.

An awesome campaign for Frucor – Hainesattract production –

Little Creatures Brewery – Part of a series of videos highlighting the amazing opportunities in Beca's industrial team.

Asahi Beverages – Part of a series of videos highlighting the amazing opportunities in Beca's industrial team.

Beca's internal BIM team – Part of a series of videos highlighting the amazing opportunities in Beca's industrial team.

Part of an ongoing series of Beca videos showing how they are growing and their need for more great talent for their major projects around Singapore. 

Animated videos created for Social sharing and the website

Here at HainesAttract, we're revolutionising the way our clients and our country attract the talent they need to compete and grow. What we are is simple: Content. Channels. Candidates.

A series of videos featuring Otago University and the Otago Region – Produced for 

Meet some of the team from New Zealand's largest criminal law practice.
Aaron, Jasmine and Christina play important roles supporting a range of projects across the Ministry. Hear what makes their work so interesting.

Graduate recruitment series created for Tonkin + Taylor.

Part of Gough CAT's international campaign to recruit out of Africa.

A series of videos showcasing the great team at Gough CAT around NZ. (Link)

A series of videos created for Davanti Consulting as part of their profile. Includes some cool mountain biking on Mt Victoria.

A series of videos created for Massey University as part of their profile

A series of videos showcasing the Ministry of Justice – Produced for

Side projects

Who are you – Awareness campaign 

48HOURS film comp entry 2012

Our Rialto Channel 48HOURS entry for 2014. One of the 12 finalists for Christchurch! Nominations/Wins: - Canon Best Cinematograph - Canon Best Direction - Best Use of Prop (Won) - Best Use of Character

48HOURS film comp entry 2011. 

Our Rialto Channel 48HOURS entry for 2015.



Access Granted Podcast

Mike and I saw a gap in the "tech news" space where we saw gadgets but not many stories on the people behind the gadgets. Our format is very simple, we meet and have a 30 minute chat over your favourite beverage and talk about how you came to be doing, what your doing. We have one standard question and then we take it from there. Not too hard right? Feel free to contact me if you have a story that you want to tell.

"Access Granted  covers tech, social media, startups and upstarts with a bit of marketing and media thrown in. Mike’s background is explaining stuff, connecting people and getting things done. Raj’s background is in film, design, media and making things happen. You can find Mike and Raj on Twitter at @nzRaj or @MiramarMike. You can also follow this podcast on @accessgrantednz"

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