Creative problem solver.
Capturing stories & making things happen.

Creative – Art director, Designer, Digital & Video Producer/Director @Hainesattract, #Podcaster @Accessgrantednz #WhatsYourStory?

What they say about me:

“In this age of hyper-specialisation, okay fragmentation, it’s reassuring to have someone who connects the dots. His name is Raj. He began his career in film and television and has been an actor, cameraman and editor. He trained in graphic design and multimedia and he’s in love with everything digital and social. 

In addition to being our resident go-to-guy for digital and video production, he’s the co-creator/producer/interviewer for a regular podcast on tech, social, start-up people stories and has his own youtube channel. With a unique perspective and enviable experience as a customer, supplier, business owner and solution provider, Raj is multi-lingual – he speaks Geek, Client and Agency and can translate one into the other. And how do clients feel about him? “Working with Raj has made me fall in love with my job again.” District Health Board communications manager.”

My two cents:

‪Content, content content. Blah blah blah. It’s not about (the C-word), it’s about communicating a meaningful message & connecting with people. Not eyeballs, users, impressions etc. 

It’s always about People. Focus on outcomes vs outputs‬.