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Access Granted Podcast

Mike and I saw a gap in the "tech news" space where we saw gadgets but not many stories on the people behind the gadgets. Our format is very simple, we meet and have a 30 minute chat over your favourite beverage and talk about how you came to be doing, what your doing. We have one standard question and then we take it from there. Not too hard right? Feel free to contact me if you have a story that you want to tell.

"Access Granted  covers tech, social media, startups and upstarts with a bit of marketing and media thrown in. Mike’s background is explaining stuff, connecting people and getting things done. Raj’s background is in film, design, media and making things happen. You can find Mike and Raj on Twitter at @nzRaj or @MiramarMike. You can also follow this podcast on @accessgrantednz"